Cooking Your Miso Butterfish

Cooking Your Miso Butterfish


1. A sturdy, metal baking sheet

A quarter sheet will fit 2 pounds of fish (3-4 pieces) and a half sheet will fit 5 pounds of fish (7-8 pieces). Disposable foil pans will also work. Avoid glass pans, as they can shatter under the broiler.

2. Aluminum foil 

During cooking, excess miso will burn under the broiler. For easy cleanup, line your baking sheet with foil. Avoid parchment paper because it is usually only oven safe up to 425°F, but the broiler can reach 550°F.

3. An instant read thermometer (optional) 
This is optional, but highly recommended to ensure your fish is properly cooked. Cooking seafood can sometimes be intimidating and a thermometer takes the guesswork out. Any food-safe thermometer should work fine, but if you are looking for a recommendation, our favorite thermometer is the Thermapen MK4.



1. Preheat the oven to 400°F with one oven rack in the middle position and another about 6-8 inches below the upper broiler element.

2. While the oven is preheating, line a baking sheet with foil for easy clean up.

3. When the oven is ready, remove the fillets from the refrigerator, wipe off the excess miso, and place the fillets skin side down on the lined baking sheet. (The miso marinade will quickly burn under the broiler so try to remove as much excess as possible)

4. Bake on the middle rack. You do not need to flip the fish. It may fall apart if you flip it.

Pounds ~Fillets Bake Time 
1/2 1  6 minutes
1-2 8 minutes
2-3 12 minutes
3-4 15 minutes 
5 7-8 30 minutes 


5. Broil on the upper rack until the top is caramelized. This usually takes 2-5 minutes depending on your oven type (gas vs electric broil element), so keep a close watch.

Recommended End Temperature - 140-145°F

If you purchased your miso butterfish frozen from our factory location, consume within 3 days after thawing.