Fishcake Deep Dive

Take a look under the surface of Hawaii's Original Fishcake

Creating Surimi

Surimi is the refined fish myofibrilar proteins. First, the bones and skin are removed from the fish. The filets are then minced and washed in water to remove everything but the protein. The pure protein is mixed with cyroprotectants to preserve its quality throughout frozen storage. Our surimi is made from Wild Alaska Pollock, but surimi can be made from any species of fish.

Chopping & Mixing

Using a powerful bowl cutter, we break apart the surimi to unravel the protein. The surimi is mixed with salt, seasonings, sugar, starch, and water to create an emulsified, smooth paste. Our expert surimi mixer adjusts the recipe and process to suit the surimi as it changes throughout the year.

Steaming, Frying & Roasting

As the surimi is heated, a meshed network forms resulting in the signature elastic, springy texture. Each cooking method creates its own aromas and textures.

Japanese Tradition Meets Hawaii

We are three sibling from Hawaii committed to preserving the art of making kamaboko

Meet Our Fishcake

Kamaboko Steamed Fishcake


Steamed Fishcake

Gobo Fried Fishcake Burdock


Fried Fishcake Burdock

Veggie Fried Fishcake Carrot & Green Onion


Fried Fishcake Carrot & Green Onion

Uzumaki Steamed Fishcake


Steamed Fishcake

Chikuwa Roasted Fishcake


Roasted Fishcake

Naruto Steamed Fishcake


Steamed Fishcake

Made With Okuhara

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